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Let’s uncover your company culture, add meaning to your employer brand and share your story

Dandelion Strategies is a boutique firm dedicated to running projects to identify & strengthen company culture. Founded in 2009 by Ernst Schipper because I saw the need for a new multidisciplinary approach to employer branding and company culture.  

The world is our playground. Working with a proven model, we uncover your company culture together and deliver multi-disciplinary programs to strengthen it. Culture should be grounded in research, be genuine and build connections between your people. In my projects we focus on similarities between people, departments and countries, but embrace differences too. I bring vision, agility and focus on results.

I work with a set of strong partners to build scalable (employer branding) teams to project your culture outwards and inwards. We translate your culture to a unique and relevant Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and create winning employer branding content at the same time.

We can support you with strategy, consultancy and project management in company culture and (international) employer branding. I share my knowledge through workshops, trainings and key notes.

Worked with some of the best companies around:


One of the ways I share my knowledge is through my podcast series Expedition: Company Culture. In this series I speak with people from different sectors to find fresh insights to bring into the company culture topic. Click here to find all my podcasts or use any of the buttons to subscribe using your favorite podcast player.