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Your company culture is vital for long term business success. During growth and during lay offs your culture is the compass in employee related decisions and reaching business goals.
At Dandelion Strategies we’ll help you uncover the core of your organization

Projects & Consultancy

Success doesn’t come from employees just executing tasks. You need to have the right working environment as well. More and more companies see that a strong company culture is vital to business success. Did you know research has shown that a strong company culture drives employee engagement? And that strong engagement leads to higher performance? Forbes research said that companies investing in their company culture, through good and bad times, see 4x more revenue growth than companies that only focus on business metrics.

We use a proven methodology to balance your values, your promise and everyday reality at your company to find what truly identifies you.

Our EVP model


We support you to foster and grow your companies’ unique culture by running programs and experiences on a variety of themes:

  • Uncover company DNA and translate this into tangible culture, including values
  • Run programs to build and maintain a strong culture aligned with long term business goals
  • Build a strong employer branding function, including employer value proposition and content, to help recruit, grow, retain and off-board talent

Based on your unique situation and needs we’ll define project design, desired outcomes and timelines. We always build for scale, and stay practical. We start small (with a big idea in mind) and iterate on what brings success. 

We are a trusted partner since 2009, on tactical and C-Suite level. We deliver, always.



We worked with some of the best companies in the world: for example, BCG, GetYourGuide, Backbase, FrieslandCampina, Fugro, Philips, Heineken, and many more.

Hire me as Employer Brand Manager/Director, Culture Consultant, Strategist, Program Manager, Trainer or Business Coach.

Projects we can do:

  • Build/strengthen (scalable) employer branding team, including frameworks
  • Employer Brand during organization change (scale up or down)
  • Plan and execute employer value proposition and employer brand strategy
  • Values development or revision
  • Uncover company culture
  • Culture (change) activation plan and delivery
  • Introduce storytelling and increase overall content creation
  • Career pages development
  • Employee experience programs
  • Change communications programs
  • General people communications consultancy